Resonator perturbation method:Harmonic resonator for permeability/permittivity test 1.7 GHz-7 GHz

Ideal for frequency characteristics evaluation

  • Wide measurement range of 1.7 GHz -7 GHz (permittivity: 2 -6 GHz)
  • Both permittivity and permeability can be measured with one sample
  • Multi-point measurement using harmonic resonance
  • Easy operation by simply inserting a rod-shaped sample into the fixture

By applying the harmonic resonance of the rectangular waveguide in the resonator perturbation method, which provides high accuracy measurements, accurate frequency characteristic evaluation is made possible. It is a revolutionary product that can measure both dielectric constant and magnetic permeability with one unit by using the difference in magnetic flux and electric flux distribution.

Figure: Harmonic resonator

About technical information, refer to "Resonator Perturbation Technology Overview."

How to prepare your measurement sample, refer to "Proper sample preparation is the first step in accurate measurement."

System Configuration Example

  • Keysight Streamline Series USB Network Analyzer P9373A (14 GHz)
  • Measurement software for harmonic resonators HC-MA
  • Harmonic resonator starter kit
  • S-band harmonic resonator
  • Windows PC

Product Line-up

Model Description Frequency (GHz)
HCPP-S S band Harmonic Resonator Permeability: 1.77, 1.86, 2.00, 2.18, 2.40, 2.64, 2.89, 3.16, 3.45
Permeability: 12.00, 2.40, 2.89, 3.45
HCPP-C C band Harmonic Resonator Permeability: 3.79, 4.00, 4.33, 4.76, 5.25, 5.80, 6.39, 7.01
Permeability: 3.88, 4.15, 4.53, 5.00, 5.52, 6.09, 6.70, 7.33

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