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We are microwave measurement expert focusing on connection between measurement instruments and devices under test. Although the measurement instrument itself is usually very accurate, the data displayed is not always so. Significant error factors are often hidden in the connection between the instrument and the measurement target. We pursued technology to "connect" properly for accurate measurements. Since its founding in March 1982 by Mr. Ken Tahara, former president, we have consistently passed its spirit.

36 years since its establishment, I succeeded the company in July 2018. We continue to be a company that is said to be "trustful" with emphasis on measurement accuracy, quality and support. In 36 years, we only served Japanese customers, and it is my desire and also our business target to expand our service into global markets.

In keeping with the rapid progress of the electronics industry, the performance and functions of electronic measurement instruments have evolved drastically. The measurement result will come out if you press the button, but it is getting harder to judge whether the result is a correct meaningful value or not. We believe that it is our role to not only provide customers with highly accurate measurement equipment but also to provide support to the point where you are confident that your measurement data is truly useful.

We are looking forward to helping your successful microwave measurements.

Yoshiyuki Yanagimoto CEO

Company Profile

Company name Kanto Electronics Application Development Inc.
Location 5019-7 Yaho, Kunitachi, Tokyo, 186-0011 Japan
Tel: +81-42-576-2921
CEO Yoshiyuki Yanagimoto
Establishment March 1, 1982
Business areas: Microwave measurement: fixture/system development,
measurement service, and consulting
  • Dielectric material · Magnetic material test solutions
  • Test fixtures for network analyzers
  • Test fixtures for impedance analyzers

Owned Equipment

Network Analyzers
(Keysight Technologies)
  • N5290A (10 MHz - 110 GHz)
  • 8510C (45 MHz - 50 GHz)
  • E5071B (300 kHz - 8.5 GHz)
  • E5071A (300 kHz - 8.5 GHz)